Event Planning

  • Site Selection

    PDG has been planning conferences since 1986 and can assure you that we can aid in you investing your time and money wisely in regards to site selection. Allow PDG to locate the perfect city and venue for your next meeting; we have held events nationwide and have built relationships with CVB’s and hotels across the USA to ease our search. We will determine your meeting's needs and find the best options available to you and will not stop presenting options until you are satisfied. Event hotels are just like real estate: Location, Location, Location. Let us help you de-stress and find the perfect venue for your conference.

  • Hotel Negotiations

    Hotel contracts can seem like a foreign language, and when the contents of a contract can expose your company to financial and legal liabilities you want to fully understand what you are agreeing and signing. PDG has been conducting hotel negotiations for over 25 years and can help you relax knowing that we are here to help you navigate your way through the process. By allowing PDG to guide you through this process you can protect your organization's time and money, and make the process less stressful and less risky for your organization.

  • Registration

    PDG handles registratios via phone, fax, mail and through a secure web-based registration site. Our secure site allows for event sign-up, credit card authorization, promotional codes, e-mail confirmations and web-based reporting access-and you can relax knowing that the site is PCI compliant.

  • Exhibitors & Sponsors

    Exhibitors and sponsors represent a large portion of a meeting's revenue; which is why PDG will provide your event’s exhibitors and sponsors with high-quality customer service and benefits that keep them coming back and loyal to your organization. The small touches are what keep vendors happy: online registration, exhibit agreements, high-level on-site management and effective event materials; and PDG is able to provide your vendors will all of these items. These touches combined with creative and extensive exhibitor & sponsor recognition generates satisfaction and loyalty. Our unique strategy along with the customer care will keep your event growing year after year.

  • Financial Management

    Need help with your budget? PDG has developed an organized approach to eliminate the possibility for errors and overspending. We can help you set up a budget or work within the parameters of an existing one. Eliminating the time consuming act of financial management will allow your organization to focus on your responsibilities while we watch the bottom line. Financial transactions are handled for you at the end of your event and your organization will receive an accurate and complete reconciliation of payables and receivables. From invoicing for outstanding payments to reconciliation of the final bill from the venue, PDG will make the financial process of your meeting run smoothly and save you time, money and a headache.

  • Destination Management

    The highlight of every conference are the receptions, dinners, and unique networking opportunities. Having fun with your peers is often the best way to build lasting connections. PDG is here to help with creative and unique ideas your guests will not soon forget. Whether an upscale dinner for 20 or a lavish reception for 500, allow PDG to help craft the perfect environment for networking and fun. We can help harness the momentum of your location to build experiences both on and off hotel property. Our knowledge of destination cities, visitor bureaus and event logistics will all aid in dynamic and memorable gatherings your guests will be talking about long after the meeting is over. Cause let's face it, what's business without a little pleasure? No matter your budget, we are here and ready to help your ideas take shape!

  • Speaker Coordination

    The coordination of speakers can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning an event-but is a fundamental necessity. From suggesting potential keynotes to the on-site management of your VIP's, PDG can add ease to the process. With our speaker agreement form we communicate directly with your event’s speakers and inform them of their responsibilities as a faculty member. Do your speakers need a gentle nudge to meet deadlines-PDG will take care of reminding speakers of due dates and by taking this responsibility off your plate you can rest easy knowing we are taking care of it.

  • Audio Visual Management

    Event Audio Visual (AV) can make or break an event and its budget. PDG has the ability to create elaborate AV or keep it simple and under budget. We manage our own microphones, projectors and laptops that allow us to offer less expensive options than in-house AV companies. Once on-site, PDG will take care of the AV needs for the entire event. Also, we can help schedule speakers in session rooms to maximize your audio-visual placement which can save you thousands in equipment costs. We have been managing AV at events since 1986 so let us be your personal AV staff at the event.

  • On-Site Management

    From stuffing conference bags and registration to closing remarks, PDG is the best partner you could ask for on-site. We are focused and level-headed workers who are quick to problem solve. We work to solve problems before they are problems, on-site is where you can see our extensive background in event planning shine. Your organization's event planner will be on-site to make sure the venue effectively carries out AV, food and beverage, room set-up, etc. and he/she will always be one-step ahead of the agenda to assure that the experience is successful for the attendees, speakers, and your organization.

  • Logistics

    PDG has been managing conferences since 1986; with this kind of experience and background in meeting management our staff has developed a high level of attention to detail, creativity, organizational skills and pool of knowledge that eases the management process. Meeting and conference management is a time consuming, labor-intensive process that involves multiple moving parts and often crosses geographical boundaries, because of this PDG uses an organized approach perfected through over 25 years of conference management. We handle all details from site selection to post-conference evaluation and ensure that you receive high-level customer service throughout the entire process. PDG offers you the simplicity of having one main contact with our organization but all of our staff work on each meeting to guarantee that you receive the highest level skills available. We offer you a complete conference management package from start to finish that allows your organization to provide conference and meeting excellence that your attendees, vendors and organization leadership desires for the event. Let us remove the burden and make your event the best.