Association Management

  • Financial Management

    Need help with your budget? PDG has developed an organized approach to eliminate the possibility for errors and overspending. We can help you set up a budget or work within the parameters of an existing one. Eliminating the time consuming act of financial management will allow your organization to focus on your responsibilities while we watch the bottom line. Financial transactions are handled for you at the end of your event and your organization will receive an accurate and complete reconciliation of payables and receivables. From invoicing for outstanding payments to reconciliation of the final bill from the venue, PDG will make the financial process of your meeting run smoothly and save you time, money and a headache.

  • Membership Management

    PDG’s membership management services empower your organizations leaders to focus on the strategic association goals and increase your member value and business development. Delegate to PDG the day-to-day management activities such as maintaining membership records, bookkeeping and issues management and then your leaders can focus on the big picture. We can also handle association communications, design work and planning for association events or meetings. The less your leaders are stressing about day-to-day tasks the more time they can focus on building your association.

  • Administrative Services

    In the case one of your members needs assistance or has a question regarding their registration or your event, our friendly staff is here to help! PDG can assist attendees digitally through our on-line chat feature on your organization's website. By setting up an email forwarder to our office we can be the filter between your organization and spam, we will make sure you get the important emails, and shield you from the junk. Your organization can divert the large volumes of phone calls to our office with your own call-in number. Even if you're tired of digging through snail mail, we can set you up with a P.O. Box that PDG will check and weed through the junk mail for you.